Distribution of packaging 
(CPET, APET, PP, Carton/PET)


Standard or tailor made equipments
(denester, conveyor, filling systems ...


Large machinery
distribution ratesfor the food industry

23-06-2018 - 06:03

Filling machines for pumpable products

Automatic or semi-automatic filler:

-          1 to 8 lanes

-          Transfer pump

-          Quick and easy cleaning

Cutting nozzles:

-          Tart topping, juice filling, rotary cutting nozzle, pushdown nozzle, hand filling nozzle, squeezing nozzle.

Peristaltic filler:

- For oil, water, ketchup, honey, jam, dressing,…


Topping of tomato sauce



Special applications:

-          Meringues' filling

-          Surimi 's filling


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